Saturday, December 26, 2015

Boxing Day

Boxing day is coming to a close here in kiwiland.  Mum got this big box last week (she bought a chair from the internet).  So she has let me play in the box inside.  I can have it til Wednesday when the recycling is picked up and then it will be gonzo.

Last night mum went into work at 8pm and was there until after 1am.  She got some sleep at 3am and then got woken up at 6.30am and went back for a couple of hours.  She then thought as she was awake at 9am she would pop into town and look at a couple of sales.  Well town was already pumping, there were lots of people already out and shopping.  Mum got a 1/2 price bra, a couple of tshirts a couple of other little things.  She was fading fast, so back home for a nap.  It only lasted an hour, before I popped into to tell her I was ready for my dinner - every 3 seconds.  So finally she got me fed.

Then she had her dinner of Christmas leftovers before back to work 7.30pm-10:30pm.  Just as she was walking into our house, she watched the helicopter arrive at the hospital, so she is going to sit down for 10 minutes and then wait to see if she is called back in.  Time to watch a bit of The Bodyguard - mum does love a bit of young Kevin Costner.

The good thing is that she can drop the phone in tomorrow morning for someone elses turn.

So hope you are all enjoying your boxes too!!


  1. And...I loved/still love a young Whitney Huston...!
    Lovely lady!

    Well Poppy!x Are'nt you the lucky one, a box on boxing
    day..What fun! Bet you have a little nap in there as well. :).

    I'm having my Christmas day tomorrow, my family will be here
    this afternoon...So tomorrow were having goose, venison, and
    all the trimmings...perhaps a little vino..! HeHe! Bless!x

  2. Wow, Poppy, what a box! Maybe your mum will let you keep it a little longer. :-)

    Our biped will venture out today too, on the lookout for a couple of specific items -- she knows the traffic (foot and vehicle) will be crazy, though!

  3. Poppy, dear, that is a magnificent box, worthy of the honorable box expert, the great Maru! My own feline roommates have particularly enjoyed shredding reams of colored tissue paper.

  4. That is the perfect box for Boxing Day, Poppy.

  5. Happy Boxing Day Poppy! There are some boxes around our house today too.

  6. Gives new meaning to Boxing Day, doesn't it.
    Your Mum is having a grueling schedule. Reminds our Mum of days past....and makes her cringe.

  7. That's a purrfect box for Boxing Day, Poppy!