Friday, December 18, 2015

Days Off

So mums evening shift at 11.30pm, but by 10pm she was feeling a bit yuck.  She has got a bit of a sore throat and sore chest.  There are lots of colds going round, and hopefully mum will fight it off.  So plans for today got cancelled, which was a pain as mum was looking forward to going out with friends today.  The weather was a bit grim.  10 deg all day and lots or rain before clearing this afternoon.  Perfect for us girls to sit on the couch all day, and then nap - cos us girls are good at sleeping.

So mum has piled up the lem sip and the tissues and hopefully she can chase the germs away.  Let the days off begin.


  1. Ah! Poor Mum...Perhaps you should rub some Vic
    on her chest Poppy!x Do you know anyone called Vic..! :).
    Seriously..Lets hope she's o.k. soon!

    Oh! And, a little tot of whisky and honey, would go down
    well with the Lem~Sip!

  2. They give you Mum such a long schedule on that by the time she gets a time off she's too run down to enjoy it! Sheesh! Not fair.

  3. Poppy, dear, a lovely blade of fresh grass might settle your tummy, but it won't help your mum's. Perhaps a nice glass of ice-cold real ginger beer? If there's any home-grown, home-dried sage about, suggest that your mum infuse a bouquet of those silvery leaves in tepid water for about 20 minutes then strain, chill and drink. Very good for the throat!

  4. At least your mum can stay at home if she feels horrible. It's not much of a consolation at losing days off to a cold but it's better than working through it.

  5. My mum has been home for two days with the fever/chills cycle. Feeling better now.

  6. Oh rats!! We hope Mum fels better soon. Feeling rough with a cold is not fun for any of you!