Sunday, December 6, 2015

Fair Sunday

Every year, mum and 3 of her besties head off to a local fair where they enjoy their wandering round.  Now one of the besties has moved away to live the good life on a farm, so they are down to the three of them and one of the girls mother who comes along.  The girls meet at the local bagel shop for a chit chat and then go for a wander round.  When mum woke up at 7am it was pouring with rain, and mum thought they might have to cancel for the first time, but they all agreed to still go.  It did only rain for an hour, before it was just drizzling, so mum did enjoy the fresh air and bought a couple of little treats.  Mum has managed to find a few little treats for herself which is nice, but no presents that she wanted for anyone else.

Mum made it home by the early afternoon, and the clouds were clearing which was nice.  So much rain lately, we are looking forward to some more settled weather.  We do want some warm days before summer is over and passed us by.

So after a bit of fresh air, we have come in for dinner.  Mum rings her family and chats to them on a Sunday evening, the dishes are done and a uniform is made ready for tomorrows work.

Hope you all had a fun Sunday too!!


  1. That's one of my favourite pastimes Poppy!x
    I love to shop....Unusual for a man, but l love it! :).

    Well...Our Sunday is just beginning over here, it's
    nearly 7:30, on my first lemon tea of the day. Lot's
    of wind over here to, though it's all up north!
    Loads of people been evicted because of floods,
    terrible site! Just before Christmas to...!

  2. It *was* a fair Sunday, in more ways than one! :-)

    Our weather still is above normal re: temps, thank you to all the weather gods and goddesses. Ha. Parts of our country have had winter storms recently, but we're thrilled to have the s-n-o-w hold off as long as possible.

    We're wishing you both a good week ahead!

  3. My mum doesn't like shopping, but she does like the Christmas market in the town which lasts about 4 weeks. There are stalls from different countries so it is nice to see different things.

  4. Our humans don't really like shopping for the fun of it, but like Flynn's mum, they think holiday marts are really interesting.

  5. It sounds like a good day out, Poppy. And I love the action pictures of you about to chomp some grass.