Monday, December 28, 2015


Tonight was the perfect evening to sit out in the garden.  The days have been super hot and sunny so as the sun fades from our place I like to sit out by the plants.  It could also be because mum has put bread out for the birds too.  Now she is going to water all the plants to keep them green.


  1. Yes! The garden's looking good Poppy!x
    And very green..Are those 'poppy' seeds
    you planted not that long ago, starting
    to grow! :).

  2. Your garden looks terrific! Even better, your mum is feeding the birds...maybe you'll be able to help yourself to a little snack. Heh heh.

  3. Miss Poppy, My mom like your mom garden ! she said fresh vegetables are the best !
    your mom is nice to feed the bird. You know ? some birdies are stupid !
    For food, even they saw us...they still come down and eat !
    so Miss Poppy get ready for Pounce !
    OOPS ! what did I just say ? ...tee..heh... =^~^=

  4. Your garden is looking lovely and growing well Poppy.

  5. poppy q....just sayin....but we can think oh lotz better stuff ta due with that bread bee sidez give in it ta....BURDZ~~~~~....ham samiches, toastee fish snax, pea bee & jay ~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥ hope de dood in red waz good two ewe & mum ~~~

  6. Are the plantings your mum's? How wonderful to be able to pick things from the garden!

  7. Looks lovely, we are getting a nasty winter storm.

  8. Our mom bean is totally envious Poppy, she misses the green outside so much. We're quite happy to stay indoors because it is furry cold outside. Enjoy the heat and sunshine!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  9. Poppy, dear, I do envy your mum that lovely line for drying and airing linens! We're having our third day of heavy rains (much better than snow, but still!) and although I'm very grateful for my own dryer, it's not the same as fresh air.