Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hey Cats

Hello my friends.  Mum did not end up getting much rest last night.  After she posted, she got called straight in after 11pm and was at work until after 4am.  She got some sleep in the morning and felt a bit listless this afternoon, but now it is someone elses turn to be on call so she can catch up on her sleeps.

So mum had something easy for dinner.  Guess what she bought from the supermarket?  Easter buns!  As soon as Christmas is over they can't wait for an opportunity to start flogging the next public holiday.  Only 3 months to go, but who is counting?

So now mum and I have a chance to head to bed at the same time tonight.  Guess she better put the linens back on so we can snuggle down.


  1. Easter buns?! Wow, they don't even sell those here in the U.S. for a couple of months!

  2. Thank goodness your Mum is off call! She's been in for some long periods!
    We know you'll help her to relax and keep watch as she sleeps. You're such a dear girl, Poppy.

  3. Easter buns? Super Market new strategy ? too early !
    Me hope you mom have more time to catch up her sleep

  4. Yup comercialism at its best. Hate it. Glad mum got some rest. Xx

  5. Oh my, we think it is about time your mum bean got to stay home with you and get some rest. Our mom bean knows she would be a total idiot if she had to work those crazy hours.

    Hope you both get some rest and time to relax.
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  6. Easter buns? Mum would have thought Valentines would be next. Mum is avoiding the stores, other than to get foods at the food stores.

    Hope you mum gets some rest.

  7. At least we are only seeing Valentine's items right now :)

  8. Whoa. Easter bins already?

    Have some nice sleeps, Poppy and Mum!