Saturday, December 5, 2015

Home Stay Caturday

You can see what today was like by this fab photo mum got of me this afternoon in the garden.  She worked late last night and couldn't sleep til 2am, and managed to wake up at 4am, 6am and 7am before getting out of bed just after 8am.  Middle age is such fun for ladies.  The sun and wind were working together so mum loaded up the washing machine and got the uniforms , sheets and clothes washed for the week.  Then she chased me round the garden for a photo session.  She got some great shots.  She is not a great photographer, and is not lying down on the ground.  She just her camera and shoves it in front of my face and shoots paparazzi style, hoping to get a good picture.

So the washing has been brought inside, the feast was served up for me.  Mum grilled some lamb chops and served them with potato and corn for herself, with a little chocolate mousse as a treat after dinner.  A whole lot of dishes were done and the Christmas decorations have been pulled from the cupboard.  We are ready for decorating.

So now is relaxing time.  Mum is watching The Way tonight and quite enjoying it.  Then she has a good book to read and an early night planned as she has a big day planned tomorrow.

Hope you all had a lovely Caturday today!!


  1. I think Mum takes some lovely photos Poppy!x
    I don like the close up ones, like to~days...!
    I also think your a bit of a 'poser'...Nowt wrong
    with that...I do it all the time..Well, most of the
    time...HeHe! :).

    It's horrible over here..It's dry, but strong winds,
    l'm thinking of getting the kite out from the attic!
    But, it's to strong for that...Still, off downstairs
    now for a coffee and a dough~nut...Maybe two! :).

    1. oooops! Sorry Poppy!x
      I do mean.....I 'DO' like the close up ones...! :).
      HeHe! Don't know where the 'N' came from...! :).

  2. What a wonderful shot of you, Poppy, your mum did a great job! She's better--and more creative--than she gives herself credit for.

    We hope your Sunday is a good day too!

  3. We really like the photo Poppy! Your mom bean has lots of talent and a great subject too!

    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  4. Love the paparazzi-style photo mom got of you Poppy. The blue sky & laundry flapping in the wind make for a lovely background. It is very up close & personal shot of you for sure. In fact, it is such a close-up that we can even count the number of whisker bumps on your lovely grey bubble cheeks. Mom dinner menu sounds delicious even though it is just lunch time here. How exciting that you are getting ready to decorate the house for Chrisymous. We are waiting for our mom to stop reading blogs & get our tree put together so we can lay under the sparkly lights & pretend it is a real tree, Have a great Caturaday!

  5. That is a lovely photo of you Poppy.
    My mum is always happy if she can get her washing on the line and it dries well.

  6. Love that photo! And the beautiful lady subject! From Jessica