Friday, December 11, 2015

Crazy Week Countdown - Day 1

So mum is going to countdown her crazy week.  Day one starts today.  A leisurely lunch today.  Mums intention was to clean the kitchen and do some chores.  However the young guy who bought the house next door is out on his roof painting the second floor with his shirt off.  Mum is nervous of looking like a middle aged nosy lady if she stands in our kitchen, as is directly opposite.  So the pile of dishes will grow and she will get them done tonight.  When he is home - with his shirt on.

So mum has to go and get her uniform ready, paste some makeup on her face and brush the bits that need brushing.  The biscuits and water have been topped up for me and off we go.


  1. Pffft, mum says she would have still washed the dishes. The guy probably would have never noticed your mum there.

  2. HaHa! Wish the lady next door would get up on
    her roof...With her shirt off...Mind you, it
    would look more like a balcony....!!! :).
    ssssssh! Don't tell her...!

    And Poppy!x Tell Mum...nothing wrong with
    middle aged ladies..And..If there nosey!
    So much to better...!!!x

  3. Poppy, dear, my own secret strategy when my schedule and sink are full is paper plates. Shhh, don't tell anyone else but your mum!

  4. If he is fit, my mum would be in and out all the time having a good look!

  5. What's wrong with just a little look. That is if he is, indeed, something to look at? Our mums are middle aged, not dead. ( As of yet anyway.). Curtains would be quickly pulled if the person in question was a beast!

  6. lol Kim you are a pistol! so enjoy reading your posts...wish I had more time to comment but taking care of Dennis and the cozy cottage gets harder and harder for this past middle age mumster...thanks for letting me live in your world a bit from time to time...
    Love Karla