Tuesday, December 8, 2015

So So Tuesday

Mum says there were some good things about today.  It was nice that she slept okish.  Having a sleep in was nice and when she awoke the sun was shining, so doors and windows were opened to let the summer breezes in.  She got to have brunch with me before getting ready and heading off to work at lunchtime.

Work was ok, and she got to head home at 8pm.  Now she is eating leftover salad on the couch while watching Antiques Roadshow.  They are showing repeats from the year 2000, but mum doesn't care she loves that show and wishes she could find something valuable at a car boot show.  She doesn't actually goes to car boot shows, but she does like to dig around in second hand shops sometimes.  Such a middle aged lady!!

I have eaten my feast and am now curled up in my bed, snoring away.  Hope you all get a comfy sleep tonight!!


  1. Pretty flower, Poppy! The words "let the summer breezes in" sound so wonderful. Well, in another six months....LOL.

    Our biped likes Antiques Roadshow too, both the British and American versions, though typically she sees more of the US one. Yes, if only one could find a hidden treasure for $2 at a thrift shop. LOL.

    Purrs and peace.

  2. I love the Antique Roadshow to Poppy!x
    It's on over here Sunday at 8:00..It's
    amazing some people things along, that you
    would'nt look at twice, turns out it's worth
    The other week a lady had a vase..Bought in a
    charity shop for £2:50. It was worth £25~28,000.
    To good to put flowers in...! :).

    HeHe! Don't you go anywhere near those places Poppy!x
    Your priceless!x

  3. Antique Roadshow is watched at our house too. Years ago, our human took a family treasure that was supposed to be worth a lot to be evaluated by the AR crew that was in town to film a few shows. Of course, the valuable treasure turned out to be worthless, but mom is always stopping to look at yard sales just in case someone threw out a painting or lamp that could make her rich. Mostly she brings home junk that ends up being donated to charity. We were thinking, that since you sleep so comfy in your new bed, that maybe the pet store could order one (human sized) for your mom & she would sleep as well as you do in your lovely posh bed. Just a thought 'cuz middle-aged ladies needs some good sleeps. Us kit-tehs are expert sleepers aren't we Poppy.

  4. poppy Q....de flowerz on yur post two day iz awesum.... N when we had tee and vee hook up, we liked ta watch antiques road show two......we liked it when de peepulz said....ok, yur antique iz werth like a million dollarz !!! ♥♥♥

  5. My mum likes to watch Antiques Roadshow too Poppy. The flower is pretty. Most of ours have died off now.

  6. It's always hard for us felines to understand how the humans have a hard time getting, or staying, asleep.
    We NEVER seem to have much troubles.
    Glad your Mom slept well.
    Purrs for a great week.

  7. Mum and I will be heading off to bed really soon.