Saturday, December 12, 2015

Crazy Week Caturday - Day 2

Hello Caturday kitties - hope you are all having/had a fabulous day.  We got a good sleep in today and mum stayed in her dressing gown until it was time for work.  Work was ok - not as busy as last night which was good as mum would have been worn out.

She finished at 10pm tonight which is the perfect time to pop into the supermarket.  Stocks are being stocked up and most of the crazy folk are out having fun or in bed.  Just lots of 20 year olds buying beer and chippies.  Mum bought some some stuff to make some chicken risotto and has just realised that she forgot to buy lemons.  She thinks she may have one - that will have to do.  Tomorrow there will be time to make a meal that will last a few days just so she doesn't eat too much junk.  Mum was lucky too as she just got home before it poured down.

So now I have had my late night feast and us girls are ready for a bit of evening relaxing.  Modern Family binge here we come!!

Have a fun Caturday everybuddy.


  1. Ah! That's the way to do it Poppy!x
    One step at a time...I've got a few
    more cards to write..few more pezzies
    to wrap...cup of lemon tea, and, a
    dough~nut....maybe two..! :).

  2. Hope her quiet work week continues. Mum looked at her foods on the shelf, fridge and freezer and decided she didn't need to shop this week.

  3. Enjoy relaxing with mum Poppy. My mum stayed in her dressing gown this morning because Sundays everyone turns their own horses out, so she can have a lie in. 9am there was a knock on the door because someone had forgotten their tack room key, so she was caught in her old lady dressing gown.

  4. Glad to hear you are enjoying your weekend Poppy. Our mom likes to lounge about in her dressing gown when she has time, but today she is busy baking Chrisymouse cookies & candies to give friends & neighbors. We don't care about that kind of junk, but tonight mom plans to roast a chick-hen & we always get a nice plate of chick-hen that we love so much. Mom plans on making a casserole with the left-overs so she won't have to cook for a few days. She has been gathering recipes off Pintrest & is having a hard time picking which recipe sounds the most tasty, but has pretty much settled on one that uses rice, mushrooms & a splash of white wine. Your mom is smart to go to the market at night when it is not so crowded. Mom's latest pet peeve is rude people who leave abandon their cart in the middle of the aisle so no one else can get through. She says she is thinking of getting something called an electric cattle prod so she can zap the rude shoppers & remind them to be courteous. We are very grateful to be cats and don't have to go shopping. Hope you & your mom have a good week Poppy.