Saturday, November 30, 2019

Beautiful Caturday

Today was the most beautiful sunny hot day.  Mum kept the washing machine busy and did the rest of the housework.

She then headed off to meet some friends for a lively dinner and some good laughs.   She was very glad to get home.  Town was busy, full of bars full of rowdy youngsters.  Mum much prefers to spend her evenings at home.  Me too!!

We are sure that Introoder cat thinks he owns our back garden.  How rude!!!


  1. Beautiful Caturday over here to Poppy!x
    Once the frost cleared and warmed up a bit..
    And..the sun is just nice a bright..lovely
    day..! :).

    Did you give the introoder a long hard stare
    Poppy!x Does'nt seemed to have stayed very

  2. Does that introoder think the table should be replaced too? If you get a new one
    Poppy, you'll have to chase that cat away.
    Precious has the 3rd day in a row with no sunshine. She is now in a cave made of
    my comforter on the floor.

  3. It sounds like it was a very good day for all concerned, even the intruder-cat. You should get to know him, Poppy.

  4. Doesn't that intruder cat know that is your turf, Poppy?!

  5. Does Introoder Cat come into your garden when you are out patrolling it, Poppy?

  6. Glad you had a wonderful day. Ours was gloomy, rainy and cold.

  7. So rude if that introoder cat, Poppy. He should know better!

  8. What a beautiful cat...
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