Monday, November 4, 2019


Mum cancelled the pre booked vet visit that she had made for me this morning.  She says that things have settled down and she is pretty happy with me .  She does have to take me on Friday for a morning post op checkup so they can check that my mouth is ok. 

Mum had the day off, and stayed home.  The vet bills were a bit hefty this time, so she thought that if she went out she would spend  money that she should be saving.  She is desperate for groceries, so after work tomorrow she will get some fresh foods for her, and some feasts for me.  She is thinking about stuffed baked potatoes maybe?  Or maybe  some chicken and vegetables.  She had to eat a pre cooked frozen meal for her dinner, that although it filled the gap it wasn't particularly appetizing.


  1. Ah! That is good news Poppy!x
    Sounds as if everything is o.k. now! Bless!x

    mmmmM! Stuffed baked potatoes..nice..l like
    cheese with mine..nice and soft and runny..! :).
    And chicken is always a cheap meat to buy, and
    goes a long way to..! :).

  2. We're glad you didn't have to go on Monday, Poppy. Our previous vet clinic would have us back for a post-op check, but the current clinic doesn't do that...even with all the extractions the boys have had. Made us think that the previous clinic did that just for extra $$. Anyway, good luck on Friday, we hope all is well!

  3. Fresh food for mum always is the best flavor and choice. At least you got feast!
    Glad you did not need a trip to the vet today. Keep getting better and help your
    mum enjoy her feast too.

  4. I'm glad you didn't have to use that vet visit today, Poppy!

  5. So pleased you are on the mend little Poppy. Miss Pippi just threw her breakfast up all over the new dining room carpet & - for some reason, I thought of you!!

  6. That is a great reason for a cancellation, Poppy!

  7. This is good news, Poppy - about you not needing to go to the vet, not about the bills being high (I know about that!). Don’t let your mum keep money from herself, either, though, Poppy. She treats you so well, she needs to be treated well, too.

  8. Foods you gotta buy, but the other stuff, not so much. Mum won't be in the stores much now that she is clumping around with her boot on. Glad you mum cancelled the extra vet visit.