Tuesday, November 5, 2019


Mum found this article on People about Stella - the dog who can talk to her person.  Her person is a speech language therapist and she made Stella a special board with 29 talking buttons, so she can tell her people when she wants food, or  a cuddle, or a nap, to go outside or the beach.  Mum watched the videos over and over again. 

I wonder when they will make a pussy cat board?  Mine would say feast, drink drink (water), outside, introoder, treats,  sleep, cuddle, happy, tired, stranger,  blankie, heater and Mum.  What would yours say?


  1. You forgot one Poppy!x Shopping bag...! :).
    HeHe! I think if pussy~cats had one, they
    would lay on it to sleep..then ALL the
    buttons would go off ALL together..! :).

    I've seen other animals use a board..like
    monkeys..l'm not sure though if they quite
    know what there pushing button for, or which
    button for what..? I suppose after a while
    they'll get the hang of it..! :o).

  2. That’s ingenious - but I think my cats would use it a bit too much…

  3. Mine would say, Food, Dress Up, Treats, Training, Leash Time, and Let's Go Out of Town!