Friday, November 1, 2019


Mum was a bit worried about me today as she has noticed that I hadn't been drinking a lot either.  I wasn't interested in my breakfast either, but that could have been because of the little pink pills in it.  I moped about all day mostly sleeping.  Mum was going to go out today but stayed home to stay with me and check I was ok.

She did ring the vets  this morning but they reassured mum that I would be ok.  Mum did book me in for Monday morning though just in case.  If she waits to ring on Monday then there won't be any spots left.  I haven't done any worrying things like crying or pawing at my mouth. 

The good news is that I ate my dinner, with pills in it and mum got me to take my pain relief.  So mum is leaving me to get a good nights rest and feel better tomorrow. 


  1. Ah! Bless! Sounds like you had a little
    relapse Poppy!x That can happen sometimes.
    At least you ate your dinner and had your
    pills..a good nights rest, you'll feel
    better in the morning..Sweet dreams!x

  2. You know you have to milk this for all it's worth, Poppy. :-)

    Just teasing, we hope you're feeling much better today! Purrs!

  3. Poppy, do get to feeling like yourself. It is so hard for kitties to understand
    what is happening and to tell your mum about it. My Precious is still hiding
    under the bed for 3 days now, but eating OK today.

  4. It's very worrying for a human when their pet is feeling poorly. But it sounds like you are eating your food now, pills and all. Recovery can be slow for some cats; you're a sensitive girl, Poppy, after all.

  5. Paws crossed you are feeling better, Poppy! I'm sending some purrs to you, just in case.

  6. poppy Q...sum times sleep iz de best kinda cure all ther iz....we hope mum can stop worrin N we hope ewe R bak ta yur happee self soooper quik ~~~~ ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  7. Thinking of you dear Poppy. Thinking of poor Mum too - we worry over our furry babies so much. Hope you are soon back to your old self again xx