Saturday, November 23, 2019


Mums friends dropped by to help mum get the garden ready for summer with some flowers and a chair to sit and read her book in.  Perfect.


  1. mmmmM! Now! Let me see..!
    Can't seem to see Poppy!x Anywhere..! :).
    Thought she would be on the chair at least..
    Nope! She must be inside, on the bed, on her
    shopping bag..Asleep..! Bless!x

  2. How lovely! That is a wonderful spot to sit and enjoy the summer weather, with a nice cold drink and a good book. :-)

  3. How nice of the friends. That looks a lovely spot to sit but I think you may try and claim it, Poppy.

  4. That is such a pretty patio. How you and mum will enjoy sitting out there over the coming months. Love the flowers and the cane chair !

  5. Poppy, if you are behind the camera, you did a great job taking that shot! The warm sun and
    the lovely flowers are so much better looking than the frost on the roof tops that Precious has
    here at home. She is sleeping on her quilt in the closet today. Stop by her blog some time.

  6. How nice are your mum's furiends. Lovely spot to sit and read.

  7. What a great image that is. When the days warm, your mum will greatly enjoy it.