Saturday, November 2, 2019


I am feeling a bit betterer today.  I ate a little last night, and even came up to ask to go under the covers last night.  I only stayed for 11 seconds before I got out and slept on my bag.

This morning I woke mum up at 5.30am for breakfast and ate a 1/2 can of feast and mum is maybe ignoring that I ate around a few bits of pills.  It was all eaten up when she got home from work, so we think that the neighbor cat might be getting a dose of antibiotics.  Oh well.

Tonight I had my dinner, but when mum went to syringe in my pain relief, I had a little coughing/vomiting fit, which lasted for 5 minutes, then mum tackled me and just shoved it in resulting in most of it now being on her pillowcase.

So tonight she gave in and let me have a couple of temptations which I gobbled up, so she let me have a few biscuits.  It is now 4 days since my operation and 6 days since I have had some crunchy biscuits, so hopefully it will fill up my tummy.  Mum figures that I wouldn't eat them if my mouth was too sore. 

So hopefully we are getting more back to normal which will make my mum happy.

She is watching the rugby.  Who would have expected this in the final?  Good on South Africa.  We love a good game, and this one is quite entertaining.


  1. HeHe! Who would have a pussy~cat..Ah! Bless! :).
    So pleased your, your old self again Poppy!x
    And..Getting back to normal will make us all
    happy..! :o).

    I did'nt watch the rugby..don't tell anyone..l
    am pleased with the result..Don't support England
    in anything really..especially rugby, thing that
    annoys me is..why is there an Australian..Jones..
    as the England coach..should'nt be allowed..!
    Can't stand the guy..Horrid! :(.

    That does'nt matter really..Our favourite pussy~cat
    Poppy!x is better! better! Hoooooray! :o).

  2. Poor you, Poppy, dear! But even more so, poor Mum! Yet it's worth the expense and discomfort to remove a rotten tooth because dental decay is dangerous to the heart, especially the heart of a female feline of mature years. (I did this for my ladies -- they complained about it well into their late teens and even 20th years.)

  3. Wonderful news Poppy, that you want and can eat the dry biscuits again.
    Precious loves Temptations but she is only allowed 4 with her new diet.
    And you are trying to sleep with your mum. All good signs so keep it up.

  4. I think you must be getting better, Poppy, because you are showing a lot of spirit and opinions about that syringe!

  5. Poppy, some of my cats had many teeth removed all at once and, they were getting back to normal in a day or two. I think your mum is doing agreat job - considering you can be a bit unco-operative at times - and I wouldn't worry too much if I were her. Have her keep an eye on how you eat and how much. I suspect you will heal just fine.

  6. Poppy, we are glad you're feeling some better. We will keep purring and praying for you to continue this good progress. XO

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