Monday, November 18, 2019

Day Off

Mum had her day off today which was good. She got to meet her bestie for lunch out and even though it rained they did some shopping and laughed as being middle aged ladies they were shopping at the garden centre and at the supermarket.

It was too rainy to be out in the jungle today so I just napped on the big bed.


  1. We've got 'another' day of sunshine Poppy!x
    Still a bit chilly, but nice and dry...!
    Fudge has been round for his saucer of milk,
    l warm it up for him now! And, a few cooked
    pieces of pheasant..! Sometimes, he's round
    at six in the morning, still dark..HeHe! :).

    Glad Mum had a nice day off..

  2. Garden centres doesn’t make mum middle aged poppy. My husband and I were married with our own house and garden when I was 19. I bought a book on gardening on my honeymoon. 🥰 Every Saturday I would suggest going to a garden centre. He would moan. 🥺 so we would choose alternate weekends we would go. I have loved my garden ever since. You like yours too poppy. What did mum buy? One guess... a Poppy

  3. Garden center and lunch for mum. Wonderful. Garden centers here only have
    Christmas Decorations for the winter. Miss the blooming annuals already.
    It is good to have a nap day inside once in a while, Poppy. Gives you a chance
    to rest up for sunny days ahead.

  4. Garden centers are fun! so's lunch with a friend. Hope they brought you some left overs!

  5. Glad your mum had a nice day off.

  6. poppy Q...mumz day off sounds grate... N we see ewe N joyed it two !!! hope ewe both get lotz mor like thiz ♥♥♥☺☺