Saturday, November 16, 2019

Jungle Caturday

I dud go and hide in my jungle today but the weather was grey and very windy.  I have a special spot that mum calls my nest, and so she knows where to find me.  I am often to be found out here between 1-3pm although mum knows that sometimes I will be out here when she gets home from work.  It is good to get some fresh air and watch out for introoders who like to saunter across my garden and check out my cat door.

Today was her day off which consisted of finishing one book, starting another , leftovers of last night dinner of sweet and sour pork for her lunch and dinner today, a movie on the couch Gloria Bell, and general pottering about.  Me well I slept in too, ate, slept, drunk, slept, snoozed, slept. 

We hope that you all had a fun Caturday.


  1. That's a good nest, Poppy.
    When we used to grow the grass for horse hay the boys loved to go out and make nests in it.
    They were very upset when it got cut though!

  2. oooO! You look lovely Poppy!
    Hiding in the long shinny grass..! :)
    It's a lovely sunny day over here to,
    just got back from town, put some washing
    out to dry on the line..having an early
    lunch, faggots, bought four from a butcher
    in town, pop them in the small oven to
    roast, with a few cooked potatoes...! I
    shall enjoy them later out on the patio..
    And, l'm pretty sure Fudge will be round
    sticking his nose into my plate...! :o).

  3. Poppy, dear, you've described a purrfect Caturday, especially the part where you rest in your nest.

  4. It sounds like you and your mum got a lot done today, Poppy. I especially liked the mention of sweet and sour pork...

  5. Poppy, we love your little nest spot that you get to hang out at. Some fresh air is always needed. Thanks for sharing your jungle with us. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.
    World of Animals

  6. Nice you have a hidey hole to hang out in.

  7. A rather snugly nest you have there.