Thursday, November 21, 2019


Mums working again tonight and it will be midnight when she gets home.  Midnight fancy feast before bed for me.  Mmmmm!!!


  1. Your still enjoying the sunshine Poppy!x
    We've had three days of sun, but very chilly,
    rain forecast later..Me! I'm home for the rest
    of the day...few things to see to, plenty of hot
    tea, to keep warm..! :0).

  2. Nothing like a midnight feast to raise the heartbeat and expectations Poppy. When I was little at boarding school a midnight feast was the most exciting thing in the world. I hope you enjoyed yours . Try sitting on the bed with just a torch or two. 🙀

  3. Enjoy the midnight feast. Hopefully your mum will have a chance to unwind after midnight and
    get a good night's sleep with you at her side.

  4. Midnight snacking! Plus mum got that comment from the hacker guy too. Don't they have better things to do than try to scam people?