Friday, November 6, 2020


Mum was walking home the other day and stopped to watch this rather big bee 🐝 all excited with the fresh blooms.  It has been good to look for the simple and beautiful things around us to distract us from the stressful week.


  1. Lovely photos Poppy!x
    And, Bees are lovely creatures, l've
    watched them many times out in the
    garden going from flower to flower,
    and l love there honey of course, l
    buy a pot every Sunday at the supermarket!

    Yes! It's been a stressful week, though l've
    been busy out in the garden, another lovely
    sunny day to~day, third one on the trot!
    Still, chilly though..! :(.

  2. Just last week I found one very cold but live Bumblebee on my marigold plant. I tried to protect it from the cold by putting it on the porch flower pot, and a day later it was gone. So I think it warmed up and flew away for the winter hope so. Very stressful here as in my area the covid-19 numbers are skyrocketing even though we are a small County. Love the pictures Poppy thanks to your mom.

  3. oh em cod poppy Q; mum capsured a GRATE photo !!!!! troo lee ☺☺♥♥♥♥

  4. Absolutely stunning photos 😊🐭

  5. The other day we had a bee in the house! Lexy was chasing it, but Mommy got it before Lexy caught it.

  6. Mum likes to watch the bees on the flowers too.

  7. Really fantastic photos. 🥰 🐭