Tuesday, November 3, 2020


 The trees in the back garden had begun a bit overgrown and were blocking a lot of our sun and view.  At 5.30pm last night mum got a text from the landlord to say that he had organized a gardener to come and chop back the trees - today between 10am- 3pm.  Right on the first morning  after mum had her first night shift.  Grrr!!

Mum could have contacted the landlord - but she couldn't figure out a way to not sound angry in her reply.  She did think of booking into a hotel,  but they don't usually have rooms available until later in the day.  She also wanted to make sure I was ok, so she came home to stay with me.  She was in bed by 7.30am and got a couple of hours sleep before the chainsaws started at 10.30am.  They did finish at 2pm, so she got a couple of hours more napping then.  I guess she will be sleeping well tomorrow. 

We'll get an after photo when the weather clears.


  1. Ah! Poor you and Mum..Those chainsaws are
    very noisy are'nt they..not only the motor
    but cutting through the trees..! :(.
    Still..never mind, once it's done..! :).

    Hope there's some trees left to photograph
    after a cut back..! :).

  2. Oh no! It is a pity the landlord couldn't have contacted your mum first to find out when would be convenient.

  3. I guess you just never know how things are going to work out. Now the trees will be cut back for future viewing, but it certainly did make for a difficult day while they were cutting. Hopefully after your mum does another shift at work, she'll come home and get a very good sleep. I think you both needed to go to the hotel Poppy.

  4. It is done now. Mum says if you are tired enough you can sleep through most anything.

  5. we dunno poppy; we wood lovez ta look out side N see burd free treez like that !!! :) ♥♥☺☺

  6. They must do it some time, but it was very inconvenient - and tiring - for your mum. I hope her sleep is plentiful and deep tomorrow.

  7. Thank you for your nice words about Boodie. <3

  8. Poor Mum. What lousy timing for those tree men to take care of those trees, Poppy.