Monday, November 2, 2020


After a week of dreary grey weather our Sunday was sunny with blue skies.  Mum filled the washing line with towels and sheets and took herself of for a walk.  She very much enjoyed  her stroll and sit in the sunshine watching all the people and dogs strolling by.  

Back to Monday and it is raining and cool again.  Mum had to pull out the merino cardi and jacket back on - she is so tired of wearing a jacket every day.  She did the library supermarket run and then came home for a nap.  Mum has to work late tonight and she doesn't know how she will keep her eyes open.


  1. Just 7:30 over here Poppy!x Blowing
    a gale out there, and has been ALL rain, just wind..must try
    and get into town later..!

    And..those photos have cheered me up,
    lovely sky and sunshine..nice! :).

  2. Our weather was nice today and it’s supposed to be even better tomorrow for the Melbourne cup.
    I hope your not too busy at work and it’s an easy night for you

  3. More howling gales and heavy rain all through the night here, but the sun is trying to come out every now and again this morning.

  4. Those photos are a real pick-me-up Poppy. We had our first snow yesterday, and the trees are now all due to the high wind. Hope your mom is able to get through work come home for a good nap and a hot meal. And in the meantime Poppy let's hope you get some sunshine and a nap.

  5. oh em cod poppy Q; how kewl iz thiz ta bee abe bull ta walk bye thoze waterz !!!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  6. At least the sunny day came on a day when your mum could be out and enjoy it.

  7. The sea and the sunshine; what a beautiful spot on the Earth you live in, Poppy.