Thursday, November 5, 2020


 The weather has mostly been grey and raining, but on those rare sunny moments we are trying to get outside and get some fresh air .  I like to follow mum around the garden while she pulls up weeds and tidied up.  There is a lot more sun now the heavy trees have been tidied up.  Mum feels though that they should have been trimmed at the end of winter.  It stresses her out that nests and birds must have been disturbed.  


  1. You look as though your enjoying the
    sunshine Poppy!x And helping Mum..! :).

    It's started a nice sunny day over here,
    just like yesterday, so l'm gonna wait an
    hour or so, for it to warm up, and, get
    out there and continue cutting back my
    Virgina Creeper..! I like to see it tidy
    over the winter period..! :).

  2. I so agree with your mom Poppy, trees really should only be cut and trimmed with the leaves off. Better for the trees and safer for all the birds. But I am glad that you have sunshine in your backyard and bring grass to run around on. Enjoy it.

  3. We agree about the timing of the tree-trimming, Poppy, but a lot of humans disregard other Beings.

    Sunshine and green grass is great, though! After our freezing spell last week and early this week, thing are warming up nicely for the next week, into the mid and high teens Celsius. Really nice for November in Ontario, Canada!

    Take care!

  4. pleez N joy sum outside time for uz poppy Q !!! N mum iz rite; tree trimmin in de fall//winter when leevez N stuff iz gone...a treez down de street frum uz haza paper wasp nest....noe one saw it til just NOW....cauz de leevez is gone... WHOA !!!! ☺☺♥♥

  5. Your human is right, Poppy. Messing with trees this late risks disturbing bird families.

  6. WE usually trim trees and bushes in the autumn, once the sap stops running; most of the birds have abandoned their nests by then, too.