Sunday, November 15, 2020


 Same harbour as yesterday's pictures,  just mum was on the other side of the city. Where she was yesterday,  is where the hills are in the distance.   She left home at 11am and was walking non stop for 4 hours, window shopping and doing a couple of jobs.  It looks like the last if the sun for the week, but it has been so nice to have 2 nice days in a row.  She will show my sunny day in the garden photos tomorrow. 


  1. The photos are lovely Poppy!x
    I do like photos of a nice blue sky with
    a few white clouds..and over the sea, even
    better..! :).

    As l said yesterday, not going to the supermarket
    to~day, bit overcast and windy, the supermarket
    l use, Lidl, is right at the top of town, it'll
    be blowing a gale, so, l'll leave it till tomorrow!
    The weather will be a bit quieter..! :).

  2. Thanks mum for all these wonderful photos of Wellington. I was born there and had to go South when I was 8. Hard leaving my best friend and others behind. I still feel homesick for my birth place even though I have been back so many times. We love it don’t we PoppyQ ! ❤️🐭

  3. Poppy, I cannot imagine living somewhere where you could see the same part of the ocean from two different points. Simply Beautiful. Glad your mom had a great day and looking forward to seeing your sunny Garden pictures.

  4. Your mum's had a couple of beautiful days out and about, Poppy.

    Take care; have a wonderful week. 💖

  5. That's so lovely, Poppy! Your mum sure did a lot of walking. It must have been nice to have sunshine two days in a row. :)

  6. It looks like a lovely summer day, though it's not quite summer there.