Monday, November 9, 2020


 We love grey, we do.  Mum and I both have grey furs.  What we don't love is all the grey skies that we have had recently.   We seem to be having  a run of 6 grey cloudy days and then one nice day  followed by another grim week.  Still we are lucky because we only had a little rain tonight, and some towns have had bad flooding tonight.


  1. I think you love your grey as much as
    l love my pink Poppy!x
    ooooO! A pink Poppy!x That would be nice..! :).

    We're a bit grey over here to..after four days
    of sunshine..though the rain has held off..!
    It's all quiet here where l live, small town,
    and most of the shops closed..and we've got
    another three weeks of lockdown..hopefully
    it'll be better, at least for Christmas..! :o).

  2. Everyone's mood seems to plummet when there's a stretch of gloomy weather. We hope your sunshine returns soon! ♥

  3. Gray weather certainly can take the wind out of your sails. I'm grateful for the past 5 whole days
    of sunshine with out a single cloud. I guess our November rains came in Oct. and now we are having
    a bit of Sept. weather. I hope you get some more long spells of sun and warm, Poppy. So you and mum
    can sit out in the garden and enjoy a few rays.

  4. I love grey too PoppyQ. Love the photo ❤️ We have had so much ran and my irrigation comes on automatically every second day. My garden was gorgeous with roses etc. can’t think what this will do to it. I have 3 most beautiful roses from Tasman Bay Roses. An awful name ‘Just Joey.
    I bought them last year. The scent is glorious and the frilly petals so beautiful. It lasts for a week when cut. You could grow it in a pot. 😊

  5. poppy Q; we N joy gray skiez over heer; sum thin bout de way de cloudz make a "landscape" oh ther sum oh R most gorgeouz palz iz gray ;) ☺☺♥♥

  6. You have clouds, we have been having a week of really nice weather.

  7. We have had nice weather here for a couple of days. But I fear a change is coming
    We need rain but honestly we have seen quite enough for now

  8. Those look like early summer rainclouds, all right. Time to spend the evening indoors again, eh, Poppy? But I rather agree with the Trout Towne Tabbies; I like the grey skies, too, with their billowing thunder- and rainclouds…