Friday, November 20, 2020


 Mum woke up with a cough and a stuffy nose this morning, which she is sure is just a head cold.   She rang in sick and then rung our healthline 0800 number to book a free covid test.  Mask on and a 25 minute walk to the testing station.   This is mums 3rd covid swab test since March and was the easiest, with no waiting.   Just one quick swivel up the top of the left nostril then a thank you for coming by the ppe nurse.  Instructions to isolate until results come in, to put your mask on and go straight home.  Mum was all home in an hour.  Time for soup for lunch, a lemon drink and then an afternoon nap.

Results will then be texted to your phone in the next 48 hours.  New instructions on drinking lots of fluid, some vitamin c and to take a walk with your mask on round your backyard to clear your airways.

It is very easy here  and the health departments are happy to test as many people as possible to make sure there is no Covid in the community.

Luckily mum has a big pile of good books to read and a little grey friend to keep her company. 


  1. Oh! Let's hope it's all o.k. for Mum..
    You'll let us know of course Poppy!x
    So..don't forget..stay away from Mum,
    by at least 2 metres..HeHe! Except for
    cuddles! HeHe! Bless! :).

    My son~in~law works at the front line,
    some of his elderly patience have the
    virus..he's tested once a week..!
    Hopefully this vaccine is the begging
    of the end..!

  2. As bad as a cold is, let's hope that's exactly what it is. Now Mom gets to spend some time with you Poppy while she waits this out. She certainly put out a beautiful picture about Cottage with roses

  3. We hope your mum feels better soon. We certainly expect and hope that it's just a head cold, but of course your mum needs to make sure. Tell her to take it easy and get her rest. Purrs from Derry-Bear.

  4. Hope the test comes back negative. Wouldn't walking outside, by yourself be OK without a mask?

  5. Sorry about your cold mum but make the most of the time off. I’m sure you will be fine but you set a good example to everyone about how important it is to get tested. Love that rose photo. I have a similar one climbing over my steep porch roof. My garden is at its best just now with roses, honeysuckles, jasmines etc. they follow all the cherry blossom trees. It is a lovely time of year 🥰

  6. We hope your Mum gets tat negative result and is all better soon.

    Tama and Genji

  7. I hope your mum soon feels better and her test comes back negative.

  8. The best of luck to your mum, Poppy. I'm sure it's just a routine cold, but it's good to see how well organised New Zealand is for fighting covid. Your country is a lesson to the world. Let us know how things go, please. (And that is a very pretty picture; a relaxing sort of summer photo...)