Friday, November 13, 2020


 Is is sad that mum took this picture at the local burger bar at 3.45pm?  She decided to buy her dinner on the way home, and had eaten it all by 4.30 pm.  It was empty then, but the lines would be long by 6pm.  She would rather get dinner on the way home, than go out later or pay expensive delivery charges.

She also managed to pick up her phone when it went off at 5.44pm, then rolled over and woke up at 6.40am.  She managed to wash her face, brush her teeth and hair, get her uniform on, catch a taxi and be at work early at 6.54am.  

So she she should be doing more housework,  but she has decided to have the evening off and have a Brooklyn 99 marathon,  which has made her laugh.

Happy Friday everyone.


  1. All quiet over here Poppy!x
    We've on 2nd week of Lockdown, all the
    figures are going up and up..the virus,
    the deaths etc..not to good at all..! :(.
    Silly people out there not abiding by the
    rules, still living lives to the full..!

    Not to bad down here in the South though..
    It's London and cities up North that are
    suffering..Hospitals, Care Homes etc..are
    going through a bad time..Lockdown will
    end on 2nd December..Hopefully for a good
    Christmas..As long as Santa does'nt catch
    the virus..! :).

  2. I think it can be nice to eat early and not have a crowd around. Restful.
    So you and mum had a bit of a laugh with a good show. That's better than
    work any day. Enjoy the weekend, Poppy.

  3. happee fry day two ewe N mum poppy... we hope mum N joyed her program :)

    happee week end ~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

  4. Wow, your mum sure got ready for work quick! Glad she wasn't late.

  5. Buying early is fine with me; I avoided crowds when all they were were annoying, and not just unhealthy.