Sunday, November 1, 2020


Like a lot of people, mum was sad to read about the death of Sean Connery today.  One day in the mid 90s  mum was walking down a street in London after work, and she crossed the street and noticed the tall Sean Connery walking towards her.  Everyone was stopping and staring.   It wasn't every day you saw a movie star stroll by.



  1. Ah! Lucky Mum..Yes! And he was the best ever Bond,
    always voted the best, Roger Moore that took over
    was o.k. but the rest ever since have just been
    rubbish! Have'nt watched any of them since Roger
    finished..! Watch countless repeats of Sean Connery
    One of my most favourite films of his, was 'Woman of
    Straw'...Some of it film on Poole Quay, not far from me,
    l took Mum down to meet Gina Lollobrigida, his co~star
    in the film, and we met both of them, for a brief chat..!
    90yrs old...that's a good age..!

  2. He was a wonderful actor. He made so many great movies that we've enjoyed through life.

  3. Oh, that must have been something! I'd heard yesterday that he passed on Friday (I think). 90 years is a good, long life in human terms, though his larger-than-life movie persona will live on for generations to come.

  4. Sean Connery was a great actor. We, too, were sad to learn he had passed. But his legacy will most assuredly live on in so many wonderful movies he made.

  5. I enjoyed his non-Bond movies more than the Bond films he made. "The Offence" and "The Hill", among others, showed his excellent talent. Godspeed, Sir Sean.

  6. How cool that your mum saw him in person.