Saturday, October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween

Halloween isn't really a thing here in New Zealand,  although social media seems to be having more influence especially on the kids.  Saying that, mum did win a costume parade at school when she was eight wearing a witches costume her parents made her.  She had a black cat then, Andy cat who would follow mum everywhere when she wore it round the house.

So tonight mum is watching It in the dark.  She has seen it before,  so isn't too scared.  She might even make it a double feature scary movie night.  Who needs sleep?



  1. Ah! That's lovely Poppy!x
    Love the cartoon..very funny..will you be
    dressing up..or sleeping! :).

    Think l'll watch a scary film after the
    football to~night..good idea! :).
    💮🍁 🎃 👻 🍂 💮 🍁 🎃 👻 🍂

  2. Cute cartoon Poppy. No doubt the vacuum cleaner is the scariest ever.

  3. Mum isn't a scary movie person. She will probably be reading her book.

  4. I find most scary movies confused startling people with scaring them. A child can startle. The scariest movie I know of is the original version of "The Haunting".

  5. The cartoon is great! 🤣

    I don't watch anything scary, not my thing. Halloween IS big here, but I stopped giving candy out years ago and will be hunkered down in the dark. Lol.

    Take care! 👻🎃

  6. Yikes! I would run away from that too :o
    Happy Halloween!!!!
    Purrs, Julie

  7. My human is shopping tonight! No Halloween for her here.

  8. That's a great cartoon, Poppy. Happy Meowloween!

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