Thursday, October 29, 2020

Day Out

 Mum went out this afternoon.   She perused the bookshop, taking photos  of the books she wants to look out for in the library.   It was raining and cooler so she didn't wander for too long.  She went to a hotel to meet friends for drinks and another burger at the hotel restaurant - somewhere new to eat.  Mum was glad to have got out and about on her day off.  She knows how lucky she is when she got home, and watching  the news seeing how many people have new lockdowns and restrictions. 



  1. Glad your mum got to go out and have a bit of fun Poppy. I live way north of the Gulf of Mexico, however our latest hurricane is bringing us inches of rain for several days to come. Did my running around yesterday with the grocery and a library pick up. Hope your mum find some good books at the library when they get a chance to buy them.

  2. I'm home for the 3rd day on the trot..Rain..! :(.
    Market day to~day, though l don't expect anyone
    will turn up..much the same forecast for tomorrow
    and the weekend..
    Though..must get used to staying home l suppose,
    Lockdown may well be imposed in the next few days,
    they've developed 'tiers' over here..1~2~3 tiers,
    up North there on tier 3..down here in the South,
    tier parts of the country are on
    a different system..I don't know why they don't
    lock it ALL down and finish with it..Cos people
    are still traveling from county to county..the
    'R' is now over two, increase in the virus, and
    increase in deaths..! :(
    Politicians over here don't know what there doing,
    even breaking the rules themselves..!

    I think another lemon tea is needed..and perhaps
    a slice of Scroggin slice, that my daughter makes
    for me...Yum! :) Have fun..! :o).

  3. We are getting day after day of rain too and no sign of improvement before next Wednesday. I agree with Willie. It is pointless having lock downs in various parts of the country when people can still travel to other areas and spread the virus. Plymouth is rising rapidly now and likely to go into tier 2 very soon. I am glad we live a way out in the country and can keep ourselves separate.
    I have watched the Nala videos on You Tube and enjoyed them.

  4. Yeah, you NZ peoples are doing so much better than the rest of us. Take care Poppy.

  5. Lucky mum getting out and enyoying herself. It is hard to have feelings for those overseas, my fanmily I In Germany should be there now . Why would you wait for 3 days.Popoppy haw lucky you don’t know what we are talking about. Always love you =poppykin , 🥰

  6. That is a good idea. I usually make nots of the books I want from the library.

  7. You human is fortunate to live in a small country that did things right from the start! My human is envious.

  8. Back when our library was a good one, I would look for books there, read them and, if I liked them, buy them for my own library. That was when I could afford books...

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