Sunday, October 18, 2020


This is how I have spent my Sunday.  How about you?  Are you being lazy too?



  1. Wish l could lay on a nice cover, on the
    floor Poppy!x HeHe!
    Just got back from the supermarket...all
    stocked up for the week..! I hope! :).
    Though l've usually forgotten summat! :(.

    Yes! I'm hopping for a lazy day..curry for
    lunch, settle down for a couple games of
    footy..Oh! l'm phoning my daughter this
    evening for a bit of a chin~wag..hopefully
    no visitors..!

  2. That's pretty much how I spend my every day here. Mom and dad recently bought a new puffy chair, and I basically live in that thing morning, noon and night now.

  3. You look very peaceful, Poppy. I was up early this morning because I wanted to get an anniversary card. I don't normally go in shops still, so wanted to get to the newsagent before anyone else did. I have got the chicken in the oven roasting and will probably have a snooze this afternoon.

  4. Precious is snoozing away this morn in her usual under the bed.
    Me, I took a walk up and down hills this morn before the rain
    comes in. Now I'll be lazy too.

  5. We cats are definitely being lazy, Poppy. Mum and Dad are getting ready to do some stuff, then they'll go and volunteer at PAWS. :)

  6. I am, but mum is bizzy with chores. Laundry, kitchen stuff, taking summer fans down to the dungeon. Plus it will be time for feetsball soon.

  7. I relaxed today too! Until the evening, when I had a photo session.

  8. Unfortunately, Poppy, I spend most of my Sundays trying to catch up on what I didn’t have time for during the week…