Saturday, October 10, 2020

Visitor Caturday

Naughty neighbor cat came over for a touch of sunbathing on the shed this afternoon.   When I was a youngster I used to jump up on shed roofs too, but now I am a senior citizen my climbing days are over.  Mum did chores this morning  and went and did some fun stuff this afternoon.   She felt like a senior  too, choosing  glasses and looking  at sensible shoes.  What fun!!



  1. Ah! Is that the pussy~cat that was in the
    cat box Poppy!x

    Mum choosing that for drinking
    out of..or balancing on her noses..! :o).

    I've just got back from town, nice sunny
    day though a bit chilly..!
    I bought a pink plastic bucket..Why?
    I don't need a bucket, l suppose l bought
    it..cos it's pink..! Bless..! :).

  2. It looks to me Poppy, that kitty needs to be put to work next time your mum does the laundry. Good luck with her buying new glasses, I really don't enjoy doing that even though it's necessary.

  3. I think neighbour cat has come to admire you, Poppy.

  4. Mum only buys sensible shoes anymore. I don't do much high jumping anymore either.

  5. We think that neighbor cat just wanted to see the world famous Poppy Q!

  6. Yes, I recall seeing you on roofs, Poppy, but not recently. We all reach the stage at which we no longer jump up onto roofs, Poppy. Sigh.