Saturday, October 17, 2020

 Soring weather sure is fickle, with light rain and cold mum is sick of having to wear her jacket every day.  She met up with some friends for lunch and a wander today which was nice.  Mum had a big bowl of a Thai noodle soup full of fresh vegetables  for her lunch.  She bought some candles from the locally owned candle shop and a Danish pastry from the market to have for her breakfast tomorrow. 

I was happy  to stay home and snooze.  

The election is finally over here which is a relief.  Mum is not surprised with the results,  a labour landslide with Jacinda Ahern continuing as leader.  


  1. Another nice sunny dry day here to Poppy!x
    Though a bit chilly..few things out on the
    line drying...
    Just had a light lunch, cold meats, rice
    cakes and a mug of soup..! :).

    So Jacinda Ahern got in again, that's
    good news at least..seems as though she's
    doing a good long as she does'nt
    interrupt your! Poppy!x

  2. Spring weather can be fickle indeed! Here we'll have a high of 12C today, right now it's 1C. Brrr. NOT ready for months of freezing cold, snow and ice!

    We heard the election results and hope that was the outcome your mum wanted, Poppy.

  3. Sounds like the election has turned out well. From what I see here about NZ
    Ms. Ahern is a thoughtful and innovative leader. Hope the weather clears for
    mum, Poppy. Here it is sunny but with our first freeze of the Fall.

  4. To be honest, I didn't know New Zealand was having an election. Yours was likely a sane and commendable election, compared to some... Though I dislike landslide victories - too much of any party is not good - Ahern seems a good, resourceful and intelligent leader.

  5. We still have a couple of weeks before election day. Mum can't wait until the ads stop. Mum bought a container of Thai noodle soup. If she likes it she made want your recipe!