Monday, October 12, 2020

Mr Tui

Mum was waiting  for her bus after work and was entertained by  this young Tui bird who was hopping around feasting on the flax flowers.   She took a video, but can't upload it as it is too big for blogger.  Such a delight - mum has never had one come so close to her.  In the last photo he sung mum a little Tui song, entertaining mum and other people  at the bus stop. 



  1. We have a bird over here called a Jackdaw..
    Very similar, member of the crow family,
    they are very friendly to..and people keep
    them as pets, walk around with them on their
    should..they mimic to..! ;).

  2. That was nice of him to keep everyone entertained. I like the white spot on his throat.

  3. He looks like a magnificent bird Poppy. I'm so glad mom was able to get the pictures of him.

  4. poppy.....uh.......

    well, sinz thiz post inn volvez burd... we will just say happee
    day two ewe N mum !! ;) ♥♥

  5. He looks like he is singing again in the second picture...