Saturday, October 24, 2020


Just chilling today at home with mum.  We both needed an afternoon  nap today.



  1. So yesterday with your eyes closed
    Poppy!x you were
    with your eyes half open, your
    napping..! Bless!x

    Rainy day to~day, and tomorrow, clocks
    go back an hour to~night, well at 2am..
    be darker early evening..wish they'd just
    leave the clocks alone, there talking about
    doing just that in 2021..but because of the
    pandemic, it might not happen..! :(.

    1. I wish ours could stay the same too in New Zealand. 🥰

  2. After all this time Poppy, my iPad has self fixed its glitch . I hope mum knows who I am. I emailed her about her lovely photos. This is such good news. I too dozed all day Poppy . Good eh? xxx

  3. So sleepy eyed, Poppy. Dark here this morn after 1 inch of rain last night.
    Hoping for sun later and it is colder again now. Precious is napping under
    the bed. She is exhausted from the thunder and lightening we had for hours
    last eve. You and Mum enjoy some quiet time.

  4. Naps are the best, especially if you're snuggled up together. ❤️

  5. My human and I had a nap this afternoon too!

  6. Aww, we hope you and Mum had some good chill time, Poppy.

  7. Haha, Poppy! It looks like you didn't move from one day to the next, to judge from the pictures...