Monday, October 5, 2020

Essential Shopping

Mum had to go to the supermarket  after work for some essential  supplies.  She let me choose which treats to have and I chose these ones to try first.   Mum is often a bit suspicious if ones that say natural, but I loves them.  I give them 4 paws from me.  



  1. They look lovely Poppy!x
    Essential supplies..! Nice..! :).

    I'm off into town at ten, booked in
    for my Flu jab..have one every year,
    although l don't suffer colds or flu,
    always best to have one..!

  2. You hit the mother load of treats, Poppy. I wonder if you choose the
    one you did because of the bright yellow and red wrapper? Try not to
    over indulge on these yummies.

  3. Kitty treats definitely are essential, Poppy. We're glad to see you're well stocked up!

  4. poppy, for sure yur treetz bee essential; AND we hope mum rememburred a tin oh biscuits two ;) ☺☺♥♥