Thursday, October 15, 2020

Reading Time

Mum was trying to read her book, and I tried  to help her out.  It has got a bit cold again here.  Mum got home this afternoon  before a drop of hail.  She tucked  herself up in bed to stay snuggly while she read.

Our election is on this Saturday.  Mum can't wait  for it to be over, as all the waffle and speculation fills the evening news and websites.   



  1. You did'nt say what you were reading Poppy!x
    Puss In Boots..? HeHe! :).

    It's another lovely day over here, just got back
    from town..bought some nice baby tomatoes and
    large mushrooms off the market, quite cheap to!
    Mug of lemon tea..then l'm cutting the grass out
    back, final cut me thinks! :).

  2. Poppy, our weather is turning cooler by the minute over here. Fall is quickly turning colder. I see that you are reading a very good book, I hope you were reading it out loud while mom had her eyes closed. That way she can take a nap and you could keep an eye on her.

  3. Maybe your mum can read aloud to you, Poppy.

    I can't wait for the US election to be over, because here in Canada that's almost all the news media focuses on. I hit the mute button A LOT during the nightly news cast!

    I hope your election gives you your desired outcome. 🙂

  4. Can't wait for our election to be over too. Just too much nasty talking. Stay healthy.

  5. poppy Q; it waz nice oh ewe ta reed de book two mum ;) ☺☺ N we heer ya bout de nooze....OFF IT GOEZ !!! ☺☺♥♥

  6. We have to wait another two and a half weeks before the political junk in our country is over with. If it ever is.

  7. That second photo of you, Poppy...