Friday, October 16, 2020

Sunny Afternoon

Mum took the afternoon off work.  She got the groceries, and voted, came home and cooked  some lunch, did some dishes and got 3 loads of washing done and on the line to dry in the sun.  Then she grabbed her book and sunglasses,  kicked off her shoes and sat in the sun and read her book.  I came over to have a snooze by mums shoes.  What a great way to spend  the afternoon. 



  1. You look lovely Poppy!x
    With Mum's slippers..or should
    l say..'sleepers'..looks like
    a lovely day, we've got another
    lovely day, sunshine, dry, but
    a bit chilly..nearly mid~day
    time for a bit of lunch me
    thinks..! :).

  2. your mum packed in a lot of doings. glad she got sun time
    with the beautiful Poppy.

  3. Wish it was warm enuf to go bare foot here.