Sunday, October 4, 2020


Dusk time, and the next door neighbour's tabby cat is sitting  outside taking in the view of the setting sun.  Today  has been the first day that the towels were fully dry after being out on the line.  Mum went for a stroll by the harbour, got her lunch from a food van and sat in the sun enjoying  her picnic.  



  1. Looks lovely there Poppy!x..
    As l look out through the Paddington Bear curtains,
    it's pouring with rain..Again! :(
    So...l may have to give the supermarket a miss's up at the top of town, with no shelter,
    open and very windswept..opens at ten, on a Sunday,
    see what happens over the next hour or so...!

  2. Evening's twilight is one of my favourite times of the day. It doesn't last long, that buffer-zone between day and night, but it seems magical while it does.

    And why aren't there food-vans here? There was one by my work-place a few years ago, but not since, and I haven't seen others. You'd think they would be popular alternatives to restaurants these days.

  3. That neighbor cat is enjoying a moment of zen. :)

    Poppy, we are glad things are warming up for you. Yay for completely dry laundry!

  4. What a view that kitty has! Glad mum captured it for the rest
    of us to see.

  5. It sounds like you both had a lovely spring day, Poppy. Purrs to you both for a good week ahead.

  6. Those first warmer days in the spring to be outside and enjoy the day.