Monday, October 26, 2020


Today was a sleep in day for mum, and a visit to the supermarket , and that was about it.  She took these photos the other day of her friend's pretty back garden.  She is a keen gardener and has 2 green thumbs and lots of green fingers.



  1. Very nicce neat garden Poppy!x
    Me! I like my garden to be a bit rough and
    rustic..lots of wildlife..l've an over grown
    pond at the top of the garden, full of frogs,
    toads, newts etc.. fingers and thumbs are definitely not
    green..more like 'pink'..! :o).

  2. Oh Poppy, if I did not have a herd of deer, I would love for that Garden to be in my backyard. So glad your mom got to see it and take pictures for us. It looks like Sunny warm weather for both of you.

  3. That is a gorgeous garden. Hope you used the chairs they looked very inviting.

  4. poppy Q; pleez ta tell mum ta tell her friend her gardinz AWESUM !!!!!!!! troo lee reel lee AWEUM !!! ☺☺♥♥

  5. I admire people who can garden; I have no talent in that regard at all - and nowhere to practice it, if I did!