Sunday, October 11, 2020


It is raining and cooler tonight.  Mum has cleaned  out some old clothes in a half hearted spring clean, watched a documentary series on The Challenger, watched The Split series 2, and read some if her book.  She found some old photos,  like this one of me as a  little  kitty, and tried to tidy the living room and hovered the house.



  1. Oh! Poppy! Were you a little kitty once! :)
    HeHe! Bless!x :).

    I'm off to the supermarket in half an hour,
    it's a lovely sunny day, but a bit chilly,
    never mind, it's nice and dry, and l've put
    a few things out on the line to dry..!
    I might even cut the grass this afternoon,
    and tidy up a bit..! :).

  2. Precious is having a cool wet Sunday morning. Would not be good for hanging out laundry. We love to see the early pictures of our sweet kitties so thanks to your mum for showing us one of your early pictures.

  3. You do look a little more...compact, in that photo than you do these days, Poppy. Do you remember those young days, I wonder.

  4. Aww, we liked seeing this flashback of you as a wee one, Poppy!

  5. Awww, such a cute kitten you were.