Saturday, December 26, 2020

Boxing Day

 Last nights sky was pretty, but bought a southerly our way and we woke up to heavy rain and cold.  Sitting here tonight it is 10 deg C and we have the heaters on.  Mum has got to spend the day with her niece and nephew which she has  loved - me not so much.  I've hidden in the bedroom all day and under the covers for much of the afternoon .  


  1. Ah! Bless! Did Mum put the TV on
    for you Poppy!x :).

    It's just gone ten over here, and
    the sun's out in ALL it's glory..
    but quite cold, Fudge has just been
    round for his saucer of milk, started
    putting some warm water in it, to warm
    it up for him, bit cold straight form
    the fridge..!

    Preparing the leg of New Zealand lamb,
    we're having tomorrow, have'nt had New
    Zealand lamb in ages, now we've left
    the EU..we get a lot more over here,
    after all, it is the best lamb in the none..Love it..!

    So tomorrow Poppy!x l will lift a glass,
    maybe two..and say cheers, good health to
    you and Mum..Bless!xx

  2. Glad your mum got to visit with family. Sorry about the cold weather for Christmas, we had 10 inches of unexpected snow. And it is only 12 degrees above freezing. But I'm like you Poppy, I don't want any cold. That was a beautiful photo so thank your mom for me.

  3. Aww, we're sorry you were not happy with the visitors, Poppy, but glad your mum got to spend time with her niece and nephew.

  4. Here, when a south wind blows, it's warm. I guess yours comes from Antarctica, eh?