Saturday, December 5, 2020

Shop Dog

 Mum saw this cute dog Mabel at the local shop the other day.  I think I would like that job.  Napping on pretty couches is a great job for me.


  1. Yes! I think it's a job well suited for
    you Poppy!x
    What would you do though if someone
    picked you up and bought you, and took
    you home with them..Don't think Mum
    would be to pleased..! : (.

  2. Poppy, what a lovely looking shop your mum saw. And what a big dog. It looks like she was very comfy on the sofa. Not unlike a kitty cat.

  3. There is a flower shop near me that has a shop cat. Mum would see her when she would drive to work. Plus the place mum gets the grass eater has dogs, at least 3.

  4. He looks more decorative, not a guard dog, but it looks good work.

  5. That looks just the kind of shop I would like to browse in. That looks just like a little dog I once had. The sweetest on earth.

  6. What a well behaved dog. Minnie would not just lie there. Looks a nice shop too what was it?

    1. Small Acorns in town. She's a good dog and likes to be petted.

  7. That looks like a job we'd like, too, Poppy!