Monday, December 7, 2020


 People were commenting about the market that mum went to yesterday.   We don't have to wear masks or social distance.  At the moment we have no Covid cases in the community.  There are some cases in managed isolation.  What that means us that New Zealand borders are closed to only a few select cases.  So you can't book to come for a holiday here, but if you are  Kiwi overseas or in some special cases you have to apply and get approved.   You then arrive off a plane and are taken to a select hotel, where you have to stay for 2 weeks.  In those 2 weeks food is provided and you are Covid tested at day 3 and day 11.  And then allowed out if you test negative.   At the moment it is working,  but can change quickly.  

We watch the news and worry for our friends who have tough restrictions and lockdowns.  We feel for you all and hope that things will get better in the New Year.  

We hope you are not offended by mums photos,  she wants to share pictures of being out and about.  These flowers are from a neighborhood garden, and mum is sure the owners were laughing at mum taking  pictures  of their front yard.


  1. It's quite the opposite over here Poppy!x
    Though tomorrow sees the first of the vaccine
    being used, firstly ALL front line workers,
    care homes and the over's a
    start anyway..people are still restricted
    and must follow the rules, though there are
    still idiots out there that think they know
    best...! :(.

  2. The Covid has been managed in your country very well. I wish I could say the same about here.
    I see you have had that spam comment too. Did you know you can remove all trace of it by checking the "remove forever" box when you delete it?

  3. I had the same spam post on a recent blog post too.

    Anyway, I wasn't offended by the pic of the market, just envious! Right now the expectation here in Canada is that everyone who wants a vaccine will have one by September, which seems far off right now. Of course things seem to change almost daily, so who knows. I won't return to the office for work until I'm vaccinated, though, because I refuse to be on a crowded bus until I have that protection. In the meantime, it's one day at a time.

    Take care and have a great week!

  4. I truly enjoyed seeing the picture of smiling faces. Here in the US we must wear masks, which is fine with me and I wish more people would. So I enjoy a good photo I've happy folks getting out and about.

  5. poppy...pleez ta tell mum we troo lee N joyz her flowerz fotoz and out side fotoz....noe matter what de seezon iz...we N joy em :) ♥♥☺☺

  6. Not offended at all. Nice to see and remember that is is like to be out and about with no restrictions. Hoping that happens here soon. At least by summertime here.

  7. We are not offended by your human's photos, Poppy. In fact we are envious. Our government did nearly nothing about the pandemic, and the devastating numbers here reflect that.

  8. I’m not offended, Poppy. It’s good to see a country doing things right, and a population working together because its members care about each other. New Zealand should keep on doing what it’s doing: it’s working.