Saturday, December 19, 2020


 Mum forgot  to post yesterday.   She went to work and then went to the work party.  Her tummy got a bit upset when she got home and fell asleep on the couch.  She got a big sleep and woke up to sunshine today so did loads of washing and helped me in the garden.

Then mum went for a walk and looked in a few shops.  It got windy and a bit cold so she was glad to get home.  Its summer and the heater is on tonight to keep us girls warm.


  1. I was really worried/concerned Poppy!x
    I thought that BIG hairy fern had attacked
    and eaten you both..HeHe! :).
    Hope we can see a photo of it, when it's
    opened up..can't find one on line! :(

    Unusual for me, but l have'nt been out
    to~day, bit overcast and cold, nothing
    to go out for really..
    Supermarket tomorrow, start getting a few
    things in for Christmas..
    Family down, hopefully next weekend, though,
    where l live is going from tier 2 to tier 3
    on the no mixing, not even with
    family..! ;(.
    To make matters worse, they've found a new
    strain over the East of the, we'll
    have to see...! :).

  2. It was worth the wait Poppy, to see you in the sunshine.

  3. Mum has been watching the sailing from Auckland. So nice to see lots of peoples together having fun and not worried about getting sick. At least we hope no one is getting sick.

  4. Hope your feeling ok We are having a cool summer here as well.
    I wonder if that means it will get really hot in the new year.
    Take care

  5. I get an upset stomach more oiften these days, and from eating what caused me no problems when I was younger. And I'm at an age when I appreciate a heater on a chilly night, summer or winter.