Thursday, December 17, 2020


 Poor reader Willie got worried about the beastie mum found in the garden.  It is a fern about to unfurl and is the biggest in our garden.


  1. I have'nt been able to sleep for two nights Poppy!x
    I even found an App..that you can send pictures/photos
    to, to have them identified..but, l don't know how to
    do Apps..! :(
    I even sent it to a few friends to identify one
    I won't even tell you what one suggested..! :).

    It certainly looks more animal than plant...!

  2. I would never have guessed it was a fern, Poppy! It looks like a hairy caterpillar wrapped up in a leaf. We have hundreds of ferns around the edges of our lower fields but they don't have a hairy surface like that. I can recognise it as such now you have said.

  3. We thought it might be, given the shape. When the biped was a child, she would pick fiddleheads in the spring. Best served steamed with some butter and salt and pepper on top, with fish. It was always a fish accompaniment. Yum.

  4. That fern is scary looking...

  5. Well we can all stop worrying about Poppy getting attacked buy a giant caterpillar. Enjoy your fern Poppy.

  6. MOL! My human knew it was a fern, but we could totally tell how someone would mistake it for a critter.

  7. Cool, can't wait to see it when it is fully opened.

  8. That fern totally looked like a critter, Poppy!