Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Pigeon Patrol

This morning mum noticed a group of 5 pigeons searching for food on side of the street at 7.30am.   On her way home at 5pm, it appeared to be the same group down the other end of the street still hoovering up any crumbs.  What busy birds 🐦. 


  1. I watched a documentary on pigeons a year or two ago, they're actually quite amazing, intelligent birds, but completely dependent on humans for their food.

    Poppy, maybe you could invite a few of them over, to make "friends" with you. :-D

  2. I have to say Poppy!x
    I am partial to pigeon, though l only
    eat forest/wooded pigeon..as they eat
    the right diet, and so taste so much
    better than town pigeons, who eat mostly
    rubbish..horrid things to eat..!

    And, yes, they are an intelligent bird,
    and can become quite tame, and most places
    they race them to..! :).

  3. Our pigeons in my neighborhood live on farms. So they're cleaning up after the cows and pigs sometimes they are overwhelming in numbers.

  4. I feel sorry for them but they are good entertainment for you.

  5. We have pigeons at work; I should find out what is good for them to eat. My boss wouldn't like that...