Tuesday, December 22, 2020


 Mum has all the twinkling lights going and she enjoys the glow.  We are all in need of some pretty lights and decorations this year.  She hasn't gone crazy with the decorations this year.


  1. You must have a little bit of twinkle
    at Christmas Poppy...I've got a few twinkly
    lights around the crib, and my 18inch pink
    tree on the coffee table, under the standard
    lamp..don't laugh, it's been there for three
    years, have'nt the heart to put it away..! :).

    Shopping tomorrow, hope my daughter and hubby
    can come down, not sure of this new strain
    of virus, London and the east is on tier 4...
    Spreading quite fast, so, we may ALL be on
    Lockdown very soon..! :(.

    1. Hi Willie, I thought you were in lockdown. Always nice to read your comments. Keep safe and Merry Christmas. 🎄

    2. Just London and the east at the moment Sally..
      Though it's spreading quite quickly, hopefully,
      family down on Boxing day..just till next Tuesday..!
      At least l hope l'll get to see them and have Christmas
      dinner on Sunday..!

      Keep well yourself now..! Stay safe..!
      And yes, that P.M. of yours, Jacinda is one amazing lady..
      God Bless! :o). 🎄 🎅 🎄 🎅

  2. It is the time of year to have those lovely lights turned on. They look nice Poppy. We have one tree app for Christmas and it's only about 4 ft tall. I love the lights early in the morning when it's dark out and in the evening. We're having those short days now you know. You and your mom enjoy.

  3. No decorations can compete with her beautiful cat!

  4. Merry Christmas Poppy and Mum. That looks so inviting this year. It will be 6 months on 30 Dec. and I just can’t do it. The worst was an email wishing Happy reflections on the past year. Talk about a dagger through the heart. However everyone is well meaning and what with Corona I thank my blessings I am in New Zealand. We are sooo lucky. A beautiful, clever P.M. Jacinda who has kept us all safe. Merry Christmas Poppy and May your stocking be filled with your favourite temptations. 🎄❤️🐭

  5. It all looks beautiful Poppy & I love Mum's twinkly stars. Hope you & Mum have a happy festive season Poppy & that you get lots of tins of feasts. xxx

  6. Mum doesn't go crazy with decorating either. Enuf to make it cheery and bright.

  7. We do indeed need pretty lights and decorations this year, more than ever.

    We hope you both have a Happy Christmas and here's to a much, MUCH better new year!

  8. We agree wigh your mum, Poppy. Pretty lights, decorations and soft music are are so important this year. Happy Christmas to you and Mum! XO