Monday, December 21, 2020


 Mum met these two kitties on her way home.   The little ginger  cat was very sweet and mum could not get a better photo as she was busy trying to rub up against mums legs and get some smooches.  


  1. Oh! Are'nt they lovely Poppy!x
    What an unusual colour the ginger
    one is..! Lovely! :).

  2. They made for a fun walk home. But since mum did not bring them
    home to you, you still have mum all to yourself Poppy.
    It is first official day of winter here today. Already had too
    much snow for my liking, but no one ever consults with me on
    when and how much to send along.

  3. Aw, sweeties. I hope you weren't jealous, Poppy.