Thursday, May 24, 2007

Grrrrrrrrr pictures!!

Howdy friends,
well Thursday was certainly better than Wednesday for us. It was mums day off but the alarm worked and woke us up today. Because mum didn't have to hurry out we could stay and cuddle.

The sun was shining so mum left me at home and went for a long walk. She had fun and came home to tackle the computer. After 7hours of yelling at it last night it is working better - yippeee!! However we are having issues. Everytime we go to load a picture the wee circle thing comes up for a minute, then it stops flashing, has a wee think and then says unable to connect to server. Does any of you clever beans know how to help mum fix this problem? She has a lot of nice pictures of me to share. She also knows some of you have been blogging for a longgggggggggg time!!!

Have a lovely day.

Poppy Q and mum.


  1. I can't help wif the computer bugs, even though I'm pretty good at chasing bugs that get into the house. Maybe you can try eating the computer bug and that'll fix it?

  2. I wish I could help you, but I am a computer Dummie. I think yelling at the computer helps a little bit though.

  3. Hi
    I just discovered your site las week. I'm enjoying it. I've tried leavng comments, but don't .know if they've gone through. Blogger does that sometimes.
    I'm an orange tabby and I have my own blog.Come visit sometime. Muffin

  4. I'm no help but I did learn a lot of words when watching Mommy try to get hers to work. Of course, she doesn't like it when I use those words, so maybe I should share them.

  5. hey Daisy, Monty Q, Muffinmidi and
    zoey and the zoo crew. Thanks for dropping by. Mum still swearing but smiling at the thought of you all visiting.

    Still trying to post pictures.