Monday, May 28, 2007

Let us tell you about PUSS

This is Puss. Puss was mums cat before me. One sunny day, once upon a time, Puss climbed through mums lounge window. The one I am looking out of in yesterdays post. She was very dirty and scruffy looking, and whenever mum said "hello Puss" she purred and purred. Mum was good and did not feed her for a whole week. She wondered why such a lovely cat looked like it was living rough. After a week mum gave in and fed Puss. So Puss moved in and adopted mum. If Puss was your cat and you feel mum stealed her - she is very sorry!!!

Mum thinks Puss was about 9 years old when she first came to stay, and she was a great cat. She loved to talk and sleep on mums bed. Her favourite thing - going for a walk on rubbish bag nite. The minute mum touched the yellow rubbish bags Puss would run for the front door, meowing as she went. She would run down the stairs and head for the street. Mum would take the bags out at 10:30pm so the street was quiet and Puss would run next to mum up one side and down the other. Puss would roll in the gutters and stop for pats at designated patting spots. It was a weekly tradition and people would laugh when they saw mum and her cat out for a walk.

In the summer Puss got sick with a nasty abscess on her tail and when she had to have a blood test she got diagnosed with renal failure. Renal failure is awful and we see that some lovely cats in the blogger community are living with it now. We had some good months though. Mum was very lucky as Puss did not mind the special renal biscuits she had to eat. In the tough times mum was like all the other mums and let her eat anything she needed.

Mum also had to learn how to give sub-cut injections of fluid which helped Puss for a while. It was tough at the end and we send out our good thoughts to you all coping with this. If we can help you let us know.
This is puss playing her favourite game in the bed - where's puss!!

We will tell you more about Puss in other posts.

Poppy Q


  1. Oh, MomBean sniffed with Puss's story, she had a kitty with kidney troubles once. I'm glad your bean gave Puss such an nice home!

  2. Oh, Puss was a very beautiful kitty. I liked hearing about how she got to go on a walk on trash night! Your Mommie was nice to take Puss in and give her a good home.

  3. Poppy Q - Thank you for sharing Puss' beautiful story. It made Mommy leak she loved it so much!

  4. Puss was a good kitty.
    This was a beautiful story of lovely Puss!
    We hope Caesar is happy and lives a long time... but we need to take each day as it comes


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  6. Puss was very loved indeed. Beautiful Kitty cat... sending purrs and love

  7. Every one is write Puss was very cute, cudly and friendly